Only 2 individuals can stop Joe Biden from becoming the Democratic candidate, and one may amaze you.

WASHINGTON– Previous Vice President Joe Biden is the preferred Democratic governmental nominee by a 19- point margin over Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to a brand-new nationwide poll by Quinnipiac University launched Monday.

Asked who they would prefer to see win the nomination, 54%of Democratic voters and independents who lean Democratic selected Biden, while 35%said they favored Sanders. Another 2%preferred Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the just other Democratic prospect staying in the race.

Biden was likewise viewed more favorably by Democratic and Democratic-leaning poll participants than Sanders. Seventy-seven percent of participants stated they have a favorable viewpoint of the former vice president, and 13%had an unfavorable view. For Sanders, 71%said their view of the senator was beneficial, and 17%view him unfavorably.

The 2020 election is nearing and with that, comes the caucuses and primary elections. However what’s the distinction?

Democratic and Democratic-leaning poll respondents stated Biden was more electable than Sanders versus President Donald Trump. Eighty percent said it is either extremely or rather likely that Biden would win in the general election versus Trump, while 61%stated the same for Sanders.

In head-to-head matches between the 2 Democrats and Trump surveying signed up citizens from any political party, both Biden and Sanders came out ahead of the president, however Biden led by a broader margin. In those contests, Biden beat Trump 52%-41%, an 11 percentage point margin. Sanders leads Trump 49%-42%, a 7 percentage point margin.

And of all three primary prospects– Biden, Sanders and Trump– the most positively viewed by all signed up voters surveyed was Biden, followed by Sanders and Trump in last place.

The survey comes ahead of Tuesday primary races in six states, with Biden headed into the night with a lead in promised delegates, 664 to 573 since Monday afternoon, after an effective Super Tuesday revealing and South Carolina triumph.

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Biden is also leading in Michigan according to ballot out of that state on Monday. He held a 51%-27%lead, according to the Detroit Free Press poll. There are 125 delegates up for grabs because state Tuesday.

” It’s down to two and looks quite like the Biden resurgence could be a fatal blow to the Sanders revolution,” Quinnipiac survey expert Tim Malloy said.

The Quinnipiac survey surveyed 1,261 signed up citizens from March 5-8. It has a margin of error of /- 2.8 portion points. For questions surveying 559 Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, the survey has a margin of mistake of /- 4.2 portion points.