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Donald Trump Trump India see: 7 claims about India fact-checked

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Trump India see: 7 claims about India fact-checked

Image copyright AFP President Trump kicked off a visit to India with an address to tens of thousands of people in a cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat. The speech praised India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and highlighted the success of recent policies to improve the country. We looked at some of…

Donald Trump Trump India see: 7 claims about India fact-checked

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Donald Trump and Narendra Modi on stage during the US president's address Image copyright

President Trump began a check out to India with an address to 10s of thousands of people in a cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat.

The speech praised India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and highlighted the success of current policies to improve the country.

We looked at a few of the claims.

Donald Trump Claim 1: Trump stated: “Given that the turn of the century, the size of the Indian economy has actually grown over 6 times in size.”

Truth check: Measured in terms of GDP – the sum of the worth of goods and services produced in the economy – President Trump is proper.

In 2000, India’s GDP was $477 billion, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). By 2019, that figure had actually risen to an estimated $2,940 bn.

That’s an increase of 6.2 times over the duration 2000-2019

Truth Examine has actually previously taken a look at Prime Minister Modi’s pledge to expand India’s manufacturing sector.

India became the world’s 5th biggest economy in 2019, according to data from the IMF’s World Economic Outlook

Donald Trump World’s largest economies

GDP (US$ trillions)

Donald Trump Claim 2: “In a single years, India has actually raised over 270 million individuals out of hardship.”

Reality check: According to a 2018 UN report, there were 271 million fewer people living below the UN-defined hardship index in 2016, than 10 years earlier.

Nevertheless, this exact same report notes that despite the gains in decreasing poverty “364 million Indians continue to experience severe deprivations in health, nutrition, education and sanitation.”

It also notes that about a quarter of all those defined as living in poverty are under the age of 10.

Image copyright

Image caption

In 2018 the Indian federal government revealed that every town had access to electrical power.

Donald Trump Claim 3: “Under Prime Minister Modi, for the very first time, every village in India has access to electrical energy.”

Reality check: In 2018 the Indian government revealed that it had actually reached its target of offering every Indian village with electricity.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to know what this actually suggests.

The federal government defines a town as completely energized if 10%of its families, in addition to public locations such as schools and health centres, are linked to the grid.

By the time Mr Modi took workplace in 2014, 96%of the 600,000 towns in India had actually currently been amazed.

We inspected this claim completely during last year’s elections in India.

Donald Trump Claim 4: “The rate of highway building and constructions has more than doubled.”

Reality check: It’s real that the overall length of highways increased substantially after Mr Modi’s BJP party pertained to power.

The government constructed about 10,000 km of highway in 2018-19 This is more than double the amount built in the in 2015 of the previous Congress administration in 2013-14

Donald Trump National highways in India

Total constructed each

The government set a comparable target for this year. Since November 2019, 5,958 km have actually been constructed.

Reality Examine has looked thorough at the BJP’s record on building roadways

Donald Trump Claim 5: “320 million more Indians are right now linked to the web.”

Truth check: It’s not entirely clear what internet connection refers to here. There are now more than 600 m web customers in India – a step of internet usage released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

This figure has grown immensely recently, exceeding the 320 m figure discussed by President Trump.

Nevertheless, you’re far more likely to have access to the internet if you live in a city instead of in the countryside – where most Indians live. There’s likewise a gender variation.

Females are 50%less most likely to use mobile internet than guys, according to a 2019 study.

Last year, Reality Inspect discovered that an enthusiastic project to develop the web throughout rural India made strong development early on, but was having a hard time to satisfy targets

Donald Trump Claim 6: “600 million more people have access to standard sanitation.”

Reality check: In October 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the Swachh Bharat or Tidy India Mission.

The government constructed toilets for homes without any access to basic sanitation centers under this scheme.

Latest figures from the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation show that more than 100 million toilets have been constructed. We can’t examine the figure of 600 m, however every toilet would probably be utilized by numerous people.

In April 2018, the prime minister likewise stated India open-defecation complimentary.

Reality Examine has revealed that rates of open defecation have actually fallen, although UN data shows that the practice is still extensive

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The government scheme has encouraged cleaner approaches of cooking.

Donald Trump Claim 7: “70 million more homes, consider this, have access to cooking fuel.”

Truth check: Cooking gas was offered to poor homes under a scheme launched by Prime Minister Modi in 2016.

Under this scheme, 50 million liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) connections were to be offered to households below a specific level of income, with extra financial subsidies supplied to fill up cylinders for three years.

According to the site of the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas, the Indian government satisfied its target, and more than 80 million connections have actually been developed since September last year.

In our own evaluation in 2015, Truth Inspect found that the success of the project has been hampered by the high cost of having cylinders filled up

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