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Donald Trump Afghan dispute: Clashes shatter partial truce after US offer

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Afghan dispute: Clashes shatter partial truce after US offer

Image copyright AFP Image caption Release captured Taliban fighters fighters before talks, say the militants Fighting has resumed in Afghanistan after the Taliban ended a partial truce with government troops, casting doubt on peace talks scheduled for next week.Dozens of incidents in more than 16 provinces left eight militants and six civilians dead, officials said.…

Donald Trump Afghan dispute: Clashes shatter partial truce after US offer

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Afghan security forces with captured Taliban fighters Image copyright

Image caption

Release captured Taliban fighters before talks, say the militants.

Combating has resumed in Afghanistan after the Taliban ended a partial truce with federal government troops, calling into question peace talks set up for next week.

Dozens of events in more than 16 provinces left 8 militants and six civilians dead, authorities stated. 8 security workers were also eliminated.

Meanwhile Donald Trump says he had a “excellent talk” with a Taliban leader.

Their phone call follows the peace deal signed in between the United States and the Taliban at the weekend.

A Taliban spokesperson stated the call between the US president and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar lasted more than half an hour, and both expressed a desire to bring peace to Afghanistan.

The Taliban said that Mr Trump would ask his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to talk with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in order to ensure settlements in between the Afghan federal government and the Taliban went ahead as planned as part of the peace deal.

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Getty Images

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President Trump spoke with reporters prior to leaving the White Home for an instruction on coronavirus.

A conflict over a detainee swap has raised questions over the arrangement – to which the Afghan government is not a direct party.

Under the accord, some 5,000 Taliban detainees and 1,000 Afghan security force detainees were to be exchanged by 10 March, when talks between the Taliban and the Afghan federal government are due to begin.

But Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani stated on Sunday his federal government had actually consented to no such release. And on Monday the militants said talks would not happen if their detainees were not launched initially.

The Afghan federal government said more than 20 people had died in the 24 hours since the Taliban resumed attacks on regional targets.

” As an outcome, 6 civilians were eliminated and 14 wounded. 8 opponent were also eliminated, 15 injured,” interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi stated.

2 soldiers were killed in an attack in Kandahar province, AFP news firm reported, pricing estimate a government declaration.

In Logar province near Kabul, an attack killed five police officers at a checkpoint outside a copper mine, the provincial guv’s spokesperson said.

In Herat in the west, one Afghan National Army soldier was killed in a Taliban attack, the Defence Ministry informed the BBC.

Donald Trump What have the Taliban said?

The Taliban state they will fulfill Afghan officials but just to talk about the detainee release.

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Media caption Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib, says women have an ally in the president

” Now it is in the agreement and it is up to the United States how it fulfils the dedications they made in the arrangement,” the Taliban’s Doha office spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, tweeted.

Although the US-Taliban offer offers the prisoner swap, a separate US-Afghan declaration devotes the federal government in Kabul just to taking part in talks on the “feasibility” of such a release, Reuters news firm reported.

An approximated 10,000 captured Taliban are being kept in Afghanistan. The hardline Islamist group had observed a “decrease in violence” in the week leading up to the arrangement with the US being signed on Saturday in Qatar.

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They have stated they will resume combating Afghan forces, but would not target international soldiers.

The Taliban have formerly refused to negotiate with the Afghan federal government, so Saturday’s offer was simply with the United States, which invaded Afghanistan weeks after the September 2001 attacks in New York by al-Qaeda, then based in Afghanistan.

The Taliban were ousted from power however became an insurgent force that by 2018 was active in more than two-thirds of the country.

Donald Trump How has the United States responded?

General Scott Miller, the United States forces leader in Afghanistan, said the decrease in violence “was a confidence builder”, including: “We’re extremely severe about our obligations and we expect the Taliban will be severe about their responsibilities.

” The United States has actually been very clear about our expectations – the violence must stay low.”

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Media caption Tens of countless Afghan soldiers have actually been eliminated and injured. This is their story

Saturday’s contract consisted of the withdrawal of United States troops and its Nato allies from Afghanistan within 14 months – if the militants stay with the offer.

About 12,000 US soldiers are still stationed in the nation.

President Trump, who had guaranteed to end the Afghan conflict, stated on Saturday that it was “time to bring our people back home”.

Mr Trump stated 5,000 United States soldiers would leave Afghanistan by May.

He included that United States soldiers had actually been killing militants in Afghanistan “by the thousands” and now it was “time for another person to do that work and it will be the Taliban and it could be surrounding nations”.

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